Carolina Panthers’ Thomas Davis Defends Dreams Through Nonprofit

Off the field, one of the Carolina Panthers’ most respected players serves as an inspiration to the children he helps through his leadership academy and nonprofit organization.

by Katie Quinn

They call him TD around here. It’s a nickname that alludes to touchdowns (though he isn’t exactly the one scoring them) and to football.

As the Carolina Panthers’ longest tenured active player, the game is what he’s known for. Ask anyone who stands in line waiting for his autograph. They’ll point to the backs of their replica No. 58 jerseys that read DAVIS SR.

And during tonight’s radio show at Bank of America Stadium, the Panther Talk team introduces him by name, first and last.

But the kids, his kids — the 30 who are here right now — all call him Mister.

“How you doing, Mr. Davis?”

“What’s up, Mr. Davis?”

On the field, he’s a linebacker. But on Monday nights — if he isn’t busy tackling and blitzing in front of a crowd of around 70,000 spectators — he’s a teacher. And even if there is a game, Davis still uses Skype to provide some virtual instruction. 

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