Robin Emmons Graces the Cover of Experience Life's June 2015 Cover

"Seeds of Change: Robin Emmons"

By: Heidi Wachter

Robin Emmons wasn’t born a farmer. Or a healthy-food advocate. The 46-year-old stepped into both those unlikely roles later in life.

“No one who knew me 25 years ago can believe that I’m actually in this space,” she says.

Seven years ago, Emmons ditched her cushy bank job in Charlotte, N.C., without any clear plan of what she wanted to do next.

A week later, the purpose-centered work she’d been seeking suddenly found her. Emmons’s brother — who suffers from mental illness and had been homeless for a decade — needed help moving into a care facility. Once she got him settled in, though, Emmons began to notice that the food he was being fed seemed to be making him sick.

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