Freeman Capital Wants to Help the Masses Invest With Intelligence

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After exiting his first technology startup, Calvin Williams, Jr. wanted the capital he took home to be managed by the best to increase his net worth. “I tried to reach out to various wealth managers to see if they would help me at my current stage and I quickly found out that I did not meet their minimum barrier to begin to do work,” says Williams. “I left those conversations feeling embarrassed and frustrated by the process, because if we want our wealth to grow, we should be able to work with great people to do so.”

This need to provide financial management for those that fall below those high minimums led Williams to found Freeman Capital, an artificial intelligence-powered active wealth management platform that offers easy to navigate online investment solutions for those below the high-net worth bracket.

“Our platform leverages both automation and knowledgeable human traders so that we can bring more investment opportunities to the middle class and millennials,” says Williams. “When I realized that nearly all of the active wealth management firms are only focusing on those that are already wealthy, then I had to figure out how to service the rest of America — over 138 million people — and help them build their wealth.”

Denada JacksonComment